Storm Direct

Items not in stock locally are added to weekly air freight shipments from Canada to Auckland.   This service is called StormDirect and these orders are placed every Thursday.  Goods normally arrive the following Monday or Tuesday and are then shipped to your door as usual. 

Some important information regarding StormDirect products.

  1. Choose sizes and colours carefully.  StormDirect products cannot be returned (except for faulty items).   
  2. StormDirect orders must be paid for prior to us ordering import. 
  3. Prices charged to our customers is as listed on this site and those prices include all import related costs.  There are no further charges.
  4. StormDirect import orders are placed weekly on Thursday and goods ordered will be available to our customer the following Monday or Tuesday.
  5. Items that have been decorated or branded in any way cannot be returned (except for faulty items).

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